Sunglass Hard Case

A crush resistant hardcase to keep your sunglasses safe (even our large framed 'Roost' glass), while you're on the move.
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Size chart



**Bamboo shirts run small**


Chest Waist Sleeve
X-Small 34 28 32
X-Small 35 28 32
Small 35 29 33
Small 37 30 33
Medium 38 31 34
Medium 40 33 34
Large 42 34 35
Large 44 36 35
X-Large 46 38 36
X-Large 48 40 36

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bruce Diamond

Loved the glasses when they arrived and took them out to Loveland intending to use them while coaching at a race camp. Then bad luck struck when they fell off my baseball cap as I was entering the lodge and I stepped on them crushing and breaking them before I got the chance to ski a single run with them ☹️

allan inglis
Tough and stylish

This thing is tough enough to take a beating, tolerates the bottom of the knapsack with stuff on top and being dropped on the pavement

Ashley Chace
I like them - wish they were smaller

These are quite nice, and were recommended for smaller faces. Yet are quite a bit too large still. Good product though.

Andrew A
Great shades

I loved these shades! However leaving them on the roof of the car and then driving away means I need to order another pair. This is my way of ensuring we keep Glades going strong!

Steven Jones
Glades forever!

First pair and love them. Had them for a couple of weeks and worn them everyday while my Costas remain in my gear bag . Putting them through a test in a couple of on beach trip and ocean charter and will be buying another.