Sunglass Hard Case

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A crush resistant hardcase to keep your sunglasses safe (even our large framed 'Roost' glass), while you're on the move.

Customer Reviews

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Kyla Bays
Perfect Protection

This case is an absolute must when purchasing Glade Sunglasses. Protect those lenses baby!

Brett Johnston
Sturdy and gets the job done

I needed a replacement case for my other brand sun glasses after their zipper broke. This case fits the bill perfectly, keeps everything protected and is the same form factor as what I was replacing. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Richard Lindbloom

I haven’t used these sunglasses on the water yet but they are great on the snow. The hard case gives good protection and easily fits in my ski jacket.

Jack Sylman
Love these products!

As much I hate to create greater demand for their products, I must admit that these are the best sunglasses and goggles that I have used over the decades biking, skiing and being mellow. Most amazing is the resistance to scratches and the clearness of the views. I hope I can continue to get these great deals as the demand increases. Thanks!

Bruce Diamond

Loved the glasses when they arrived and took them out to Loveland intending to use them while coaching at a race camp. Then bad luck struck when they fell off my baseball cap as I was entering the lodge and I stepped on them crushing and breaking them before I got the chance to ski a single run with them ☹️