Hey - I'm Curt. A lifelong skier, I grew up skiing around the Mad River Valley of Vermont and then ventured west in search of big mountains, endless sunshine, and powder. I now call Breckenridge, Colorado home.

Full transparency, I started Glade because it’s a natural extension of my love for the mountains. A love that runs deep and drives everything we do here at Glade.

Historically brands in the outdoor industry were founded by those passionate about their sports - but now virtually every brand you buy from is run by people sitting in sterile conference rooms hundreds of miles away from the nearest ski hill.

We’re here to change that.

Our (small) team does our best to ensure we get our daily dose of fresh air. Whether it's dawn patrol laps, hut trips, midday rides, or aprés on the patio with friends; we live the life that further inspires what we’re building at Glade. It's why we exist, it's baked into our values, and it's why we might not answer you for a few hours if there is six inches of new snow in Breckenridge.

I hope you'll join us. Happy shredding,

Curt Nichols

Atop a local classic spring line. Perhaps on workday...


Stoke builds community.

We seek to build community. We strive to amplify the palpable happiness amongst those who venture into the mountains. You know, the enthusiasm that leads to high fives from strangers, hoots from the chairlift, a wave from the passing runner, and the “Have a great ride!” shared between mountain bikers. True, we may not know each other, but at our core we have a lot in common. High five.

Equity through value.

We believe quality mountain gear and technological advancements should be accessible to all. This means we prioritize getting everyone the absolute best value for their money. We’re forgoing the marketing glitz and glamour, the paid athletes hucking off 70ft cliffs, and the pay-to-play gear guides. Instead, we’re focused on you, and delivering the best possible technology at prices that just might save you enough to plan your next adventure.

Design solutions.

Our priority is to build gear that you forget about. Seriously. In the mountains, the best gear is that which you simply do not have to think about. Gear that is dependable, performs, and enhances your experience with zero extra effort from yourself. We intentionally design solutions that we hope will lead to deeper experiences in the mountains - and keep you returning for more.

We're human.

Humans can fuel their passions, develop their profession, and if they’re lucky, find their purpose. However, all too often those pursuits compete leaving none fully fulfilled. At Glade, we believe in building a company culture that sits at the intersection of passion and profession, and it’s where we’ve found our purpose. We’ve tossed away the cliché of work-life balance, and we refuse to sacrifice our health during the week just so we can play on the weekends. We believe in our mission, and we live it. All to say, if you don’t see us here, it’s because we’re outside. And that is ok.