Goggle Case
Goggle Case
Goggle Case

Goggle Case

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Protect your investment with this tough, crush-resistant, and ventilated protective case. An internal sleeve safely stores a spare lens. Fits ALL Glade goggles.

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Customer Reviews

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Tal Einhorn
Just get it

I was very fortunate enough to get the fantastic Glade helmet and goggles as a gift after asking for them, and immediately bought the case. I love the ability to throw my goggles in there knowing they’re protected from other items in my bag but also kept dry via the small vents. There’s also a little pocket for other lenses. Protect your investment properly and just get this.

Barbara Wyeth
Goggle case bombproof

I ordered goggles and the case. The case will keep my goggles clean and protected. It is a bit too large to carry with me but when not out playing in the snow, they will be kept safely in the case.

Pat McKenna
Awesome Adapt 2 Goggles and Case

Wow wow wow! Goggle game changer for me. Just spent a couple of weeks using my new adapt 2 Googles. Low light, Mid and Full sun. Exceptional product. I use to have to switch lenses as the environment changed. not anymore.... Was really blown away on the first day when it went from very low light to full Sun later in the Day. I couldn't believe it, the name Adapt so perfectly describes the exceptional functionality. Also important to note I had a first class Customer experience and interaction with the Team at Glade helping to sort out cross border shipping. Thank you Drew. You guys are really onto something. We purchased 3 pairs of Adapt 2's and one helmet. Everyone is having the same incredible experience. Thank you Curt, excited to see what's next...

Jeff barton
great googles. great case

tried out my new glad googles for the first time yesterday at Copper Mtn. I wear glasses underneath my googles, so always a challenge to find gear that keeps everything with my vision clear and sharp. this new Glade product is absolutely a great pair of googles ! super in the bright sunshine. good in the shadows without changing the lens. comfortable, good match with my Anon helmet, and no hint of fog or lack of clarity in both early temps close to 10 f and later temps above freezing . I'm very pleased with the product. every bit as good, or better, than OTG products from Smith, Bolle and Anon that I have used in recent seasons. and I'm significantly impressed with the case, which I did just throw in the gear bag with boots and everything. no worries about protecting the googles. thanks, Curt and team, for great products.

Andy Byrd
Keepin it safe!

As you know Galde is an incredible company! Got the Adapt goggles last year and they changed my skiing life! Now adding SportRX prescription inserts for the coming season…and gotta protect them. The case is great! Inspired and now getting the Gazer Saver to complete the experience. Cannot go wrong with GLADE!!