Where is Glade headquartered?

  • We started our journey skiing the Mad River Valley of Vermont, but headed West in search of big mountains, endless sunshine, and powder. We call Breckenridge, Colorado home - it’s where we live, work, ski, bike, paddle, fish, and trail run. It's also where we are building a business centered on the ski community and taking in as much fresh mountain air as our lungs will allow.

What are your hours?  

  • As in, when are we awake? Or when are we working? Dang, good question. You can get a hold of us most days M-TH between 9-5 MT. With a few caveats. We’re small. We work late. We work early. And we love midday rides when the snow is good… or bad. We try to cut out most Fridays and if there is fresh snow (or hero dirt) when the alarm goes off you won’t hear from us until the afternoon. That said, we pride ourselves on being responsive and delivering killer service, so you’ll typically hear from us within 24 hours (snow storm, hut trip, or desert camping trip dependent).  

Why should I buy Glades?

  • The real question is why not. Seriously though, you won’t find a better bang for your buck in ski goggles. We’ve built this business to be customer-centric and that means intentionally building quality goods that improve your experience on the mountain, no fluff, all value and we stand behind that. You can learn more about what makes us tick here.

Do you have a retail store IN BRECKENRIDGE?

  • Sounds dreamy. Alas, no, we do not have a retail operation or showroom at our Breckenridge office. Although, if you are in Breck and are looking to see a pair in person, just look around and you’ll see Glades all over the place. Folks that wear our goggles tend to be cool, like you, and they’ll probably even let you take a closer look, if you ask nicely… or buy them a beer.  

I hear you are a small operation, like how small?

  • Let’s put it this way. We have more dogs than employees. (And we wouldn’t have it any other way.)


Where can I try on a pair?

  • Our goggles are only sold on and our simple and 30-day returns means you can try them on in the comfort of your own home.

How do I update my order details?

  • Our team gets orders out the door pretty darn quickly! It may be too late to change to your order, but send us a note and we’ll sort it out.

What payment methods do you take?

  • We’ll take your money pretty much anyway you want to hand it over; excluding blockchain or cash. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.


Has my order shipped?

  • We’re a small, yet efficient team. We strive to ship orders within 1-business day and we’ll email you tracking immediately once available. Most orders tend to arrive anywhere in the US within 4-5 business days from the time of departure.

Where is my order? 

  • You can check on the status of your order or track your package here.

What shipping carriers do you use?

  • We’re a small operation and we ship via USPS, FedEx, and UPS depending on your zip code, carrier rates, and volume at the time of your order. We cannot guarantee one carrier over another.

Shipping internationally

  • At this time we only ship to the U.S. and Canada.

  • If shipping to Canada, your customs department may levy additional fees, tariffs, or taxes on your order. We fill out all the appropriate paperwork, including the cost of goods sold. Please check with your customs department to inquire about any potential fees for receiving International packages. Unfortunately, we are not able to mark orders as a gift or reduce the amount on customs declarations as it is illegal to falsify federal documents. We understand your country may impose extra taxes or levies on your order, but we cannot break US laws to save customers on taxes in their country. There are no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding.


Will i have a gaper gap?

  • Rest easy, for our goggles are designed specifically to prevent the dreaded gaper gap.

Will Glades work with my helmet?

  • If you are asking this question, we highly recommend adding our Tenmile Helmet to your cart. Our helmets are painstakingly designed for ultimate integration with our goggles. If you have a different helmet already and aren’t looking to buy new, we’ve found our goggles to be compatible with most of the mainstay helmet options on the market. Keep in mind that every face, head, and helmet is shaped differently, so your results may vary.


Do you offer prescription lenses?

  • At this time we do not.

Do you have over the glass (OTG) goggles?

Can I wear prescription inserts with my Glades?

  • Many folks in Glades wear inserts in their goggles. Our frames are big enough that they’ll fit most prescription inserts on the market today. Each goggle product page will show the goggle’s frame and lens dimensions and that might help inform your decision. If you are looking for a pair of inserts, we recommend SportRx inserts.



  • Yes! You can see our replacement lens options here. If you’ve damaged your lens on any of our fixed lens models (Gamma OTG or Pico Youth) we do not currently have a way to replace or repair those, but please send us a note and see what we might be able to sort out.

How do I clean my goggle lens?

  • A little spit and a light buffing with your Glade microfiber bag should do the trick in most cases. (Try to keep the spitting part away from the lift line.) If that isn’t doing the trick, try a few sprays of lens cleaner.

How do I change my Challenger lens? 


Where are Glades made?

  • We are based in Breckenridge, Colorado where we develop, design, and test all our products. We work with a variety of best-in-class production partners within the US, Italy, and China to make sure all Glade goods meet our obsessive quality standards and uphold our mission of improving your experience in the mountains.


How do I make a return?

  • Simple, easy, and no questions asked. We accept returns within 30-days of purchase - just make sure what you are returning is unworn and still in the original packaging. From there just complete our return form here.

Can I make an exchange?

  • Maybe. Here’s the rub; our goods tend to sell out quickly. You can start the simple and free return process here.

What is the status of my refund?

  • We’ll email you a confirmation immediately upon receipt and processing your refund. Refunds can take 7-10 days from the time of processing to show up on our original payment method.

There is something wrong with what I ordered. What should I do?

  • Well, crap. We do our very best to make sure mistakes don’t happen, but we’re human. Please send us a note and let us know what’s up before just sending that item back to our warehouse. We’ll make it right.



  • Bottom-line we want you to be happy with your Glades and we stand behind our goods. You can see our full warranty information here.



  • We’re interested in building lasting partnerships and plan to roll out a highly-curated retail program in late 2022. If you are interested in being part of our mission, you can get on our waitlist here.


Can you send me some goggles for free? I’m a rad skier.

  • Your goggles now cost double.

Can I get some stickers?

  • Yes! Shoot a note to with your home address and the subject line “Stickers, please” and we’ll toss some in the mail to you.

I’d like to outfit my organization or ski patrol with Glades. Do you have a group purchase program?

  • We’re super interested in supporting cause-based non-profits and doing what we can to get more people skiing and making sure ski patrol operations have quality vision. That said, we’d love to learn about what you do, your values, and how we might be able to help your group. Send us a note and tell us more about what you’ve got going on.

Are you hiring?

  • We’re not interested in creating just jobs. We want to build careers that drive growth and fulfillment where personal and professional aspirations converge. You can see our current opportunities here.

I’m in Breck, let’s ski!

  • We’re always looking for an excuse to hit the hill. Send us a note and we’ll see if the stars align.