What a week! Full days, new friendships, fresh lines, and ample smiles. While this winter is not quite over, our week in Crested Butte at the Blister Summit will undoubtedly be a highlight of the season.

After a month long dry spell in Crested Butte, we rolled into town under bluebird skies with forecasts calling for a rather massive dump of new snow over the next few days. Our setup was quick and we darted off to the opening night mixer to meet some of the folks we’d be spending time with over the week. A few drinks were had, and the feeling of anticipation circling the room was palpable.  

Summit attendees scoping out some of next year's skis to demo.

The scene from the top of CB's "High Lift" after the storm finally broke.

Under partly cloudy skies, the first morning started in earnest as folks scrambled to snag the skis they had their eye on and couldn’t wait to test. By 10am the snow was falling hard and fast, with over 8” piling up by the end of the day. By 10:30 we had plenty of folks circling back to our tent asking if we had any goggles that would work in these “tough” conditions. Oh yeah, this is where our goggles shine. This was going to be a good week.  

Throughout the next two days the snow continued to pile up which kept the energy high. Attendees had hundreds of skis at their disposal, and upwards of 20 vendors to chat with, provide feedback, and learn more about what they were taking out. Glades were a common theme as our classic goggle strap dominated the lift lines. We heard plenty of stories of folks giving high fives, asking each other about their Glade experience, and spreading the word to others that hadn’t yet made their way to our tent.

Curt, Glade founder, holding down the "Goggle Graveyard" (and eating skittles) while attendees were out trying some Glades.

We brought our entire goggle lineup for folks to put to the test. Over the first few days of the Summit, the highly variable conditions gave everyone a chance to try multiple pairs in pretty much any condition you can imagine facing…. short of rain. As usual our Photochromic Adapt and Quad goggles were the most sought after, but the slick magnetic interchange system on our MagFlight had some folks swooning. It is always such a joy to explain our design philosophy to someone, send them out with a fresh pair, and have them come back an hour, or two… or five… with a smile plastered on their face and the common refrain of “Well, these are awesome!” ringing in the air.

The stoke was high as we spent the rest of the week getting everyone from attendees, reviewers, vendors, and even a few athletes in Glades. We love talking goggles and making friends, but the best part was simply the overall vibe of the Summit. Collectively, we were all in our happy place. If you’ve read any other recap of the Blister Summit you probably heard that some folks called a few days “the best ski day of their life”, and some even went so far as the “best day of their life”. If that doesn’t capture the stoke, I’m not sure what does.

Blister reviewer, Kristin Sinnott, in the Tenmile helmet and Rose MagFlights.

Blister reviewer, Luke Koppa, in Blue Adapts.

It was great to get out on the hill with a variety of skiers and riders. Our crew was able to ski and spend some quality time with an amazing smattering of other vendors, attendees, athletes, and reviewers. These group skis occasionally turned into impromptu photo missions, and as you can see, the conditions, skiers, and cameras all came together to capture some memories that are sure to last.

WNDR Alpine's, Ethan Frank, laying it down in Red Adapts and next season's Boundary Helmet (shhh...)

Local, killer photographer, Taylor Ahearn, in next season's Boundary Helmet and some secret menu Adapts (don't ask about those...)

As Crested Butte faded in our rear view mirror the feeling of gratitude sunk in deep. The enthusiastic support we were shown by everyone at the Blister Summit meant the world to our team.

We’ll be back.

Special thanks to all of our new friends, some of which we may have missed; Kristin, Sasha, Jonathan, Luke, Kara, Dylan, Abby, Drew, Taylor, Tanner, David, Spencer, Robert, Justin, Will, Sam, Nick, Noah, Dante, Andy, Zane, Ethan, Matt, Bruce, Georgia, Bill, Karl, Gary, Chris, Brandon, Chandra, Tyson, Rick, Ed, Todd, Karin, Noah, Mark, Jake, Taylor, Sean, Jeff, Rachel, Rick, Ashley, James, Dennis, Andy, Matt, Jack, Ethan, Andrea, Steve, McKinley, Jeremy, Jason, Matt, Brian, Justin, Tanya, Tara, Jacob, Derek, James, Tristan, Greg, Kjerstin, Stephen, Jonathan, Gracie, Geno, Ryan, Chad, Christoph, Troy, Phil, Samantha, Thomas, Hathaway, Steven, Josh, and Robert.