The perfect sunglasses for mountain living. Without the markup.

Why Are Good Sunglasses So Expensive?

Most high end sunglasses come with a serious price markup.

While hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and paddling at his home in Breckenridge, Colorado, Glade founder Curt Nichols realized that good, quality sunglasses truly made a difference in his activities. When he tried to replace a pair of sunglasses that he lost in the river (that’s a story for another time), he was blown away by the price tag for quality optics. And he would know: he built and grew his own ski goggle company from the ground up.

Using his knowledge of ski goggle optics and manufacturing, he realized that most high-end sunglasses shouldn’t actually cost as much as they do.

“My previous sunglasses got the job done, but I was always carefully packing them away and treating them as if they were precious jewelry. Designing a quality pair of glasses that could keep up with my lifestyle was a revelation. It allowed me to focus on what really mattered: having fun and challenging myself outdoors.”


Curt Nichols, Founder

The Single Most Important Piece of Equipment You Use.

Invest in quality optics, not an astronomical price tag.

Virtually every outdoor athlete agrees that the best sunglasses are those that you don’t have to think about. 

Sunglasses are a basic building block of any outdoor activity kit. Unlike cheaper sunglasses, a high quality pair of sunglasses will add contrast and reduce glare, allowing you to see, (and therefore perform) better.

Point is, it’s a piece of equipment worth investing in. The problem has been the astronomical price tag that comes with a pair of sunglasses that is suited to keep up with your lifestyle.

What makes a great pair of sunglasses?

A great pair of sunglasses should add contrast and clarity to your vision, stay on your face no matter what, and be lightweight enough to forget about. Simple, right? But behind these deceptively simple concepts is a whole lot of technology, design, and craftsmanship.

Contrast & Clarity

All our lenses are polarized,100% UV protected, and scratch-resistant with enhanced glare reduction and color contrasting tech.

No Slip, No Bounce

Guess what? Life is full of bumps, bruises, blood, sweat, and tears: especially in the mountains. Our sunglasses were built for these moments.


Our competitors will have you believe that weight = quality. We couldn’t disagree more. The best eyewear is that which you forget about.