Snowbrains x Glade Adapt Goggle

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The Adapt is our award-winning, industry shifting, never-change-lenses-again one goggle quiver. It has quickly become our most popular model - and for good reason. The Adapt’s photochromic lens technology changes tint as the conditions change, so you’re covered in everything from bluebird to whiteout.


One Lens. All Day.
Our photochromic lens adapts to the current light conditions so you can leave that spare lens at home.
Crystal clear clarity.
Ultra-wide angle, dual-layer PC lens made in Italy.
Full UV Protection.
UV400+ for 100% UV protection because eyes are kind of important.
We’re anti-fog.
UltraClear anti-fog ventilation system circulates air to keep your vision clear.
Ultimate comfort, all day long.
Triple-layer composite foam and fleece interior for a cozy, sweat-free feel.
Built to flex. Built to last.
MaxComfort flexible TPU (sorry for the tech term) frame designed for ultimate comfort and sustainability through durability.
Dialed fit. Yard sale tested.
Detachable and dual-adjustable 3D woven strap with anti-slip silicone ensures your optimal fit is easy to find and keep in place.
Dirt and oils won’t ruin the day.
Hydro-oleophobic lens treatment (read: doesn’t like water or oil) keeps the lens fog, smudge, and debris free.
Fits with your helmet.
You’ll find a perfect fit with ours, but we’ve found these work well with most of the popular helmets out there.
Wait there’s more...
Included microfiber storage bag doubles as a cleaning cloth. It’s like two for one, but actually it's free.


  • Medium/large fit accommodates a wide range of faces.
  • Gaper gap free and built to fit with all modern helmets on the market today.
  • Dimension: 177x100mm

What's in the box

  • Adapt Goggles
  • Glade microfiber storage bag
  • The good feeling of supporting a brand that has you, the skier, in mind.

VLT Range

  • 30-84% for perfect vision in all conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Wendy L
Great All Around

Used these goggles all last season and now ordered a pair for my husband. I see better with these goggles than any others I have owned. They are very comfortable and didn’t fog up, even while I was wearing a mask. I coach, and am often on the slopes from daylight through sunset. It’s great to not have to change lenses. Great customer service too! I made a mistake in my order and my request to remedy it was responded to very promptly. Shipping was very fast.

Mark Klion
Glade Adapt

Great goggles. Wore them this past weekend. Really comfortable with Smith helmet fit. Great vision in all light . Bright sun and low light. best of all my kids think they are really cool looking!!!

"Not a Kook"

So here's the deal. I know the "goods" when I see them and Glade is the "goods".. They shine in all weather conditions! I mean from deep dark winter grey afternoons allowing you to see the hard spots that require light stepping to the morning "bluebird" as they easily allow your eyes to adjust to the brightest conditions. Oh and I know Goggles and Ski conditions and I am not a "kook".. well okay, maybe a bit of one..

John Nye
Great Goggles that Never Need to Be Change

I bought a pair of the blue lens photochromatic goggles in the 20-21 season and they quickly led to all my other "brand name" goggles getting shelved. I have since ordered a second pair for extra long days where I want a dry goggle in the afternoon. Not only do these goggles automatically change to the light conditions, they never fog up, and have exceptional clarity no matter how dark or light the lens is at the time. I have enjoyed these in all Colorado conditions, from icy, cloudy, snowy, and windy days to sunny springtime snowboarding. They performed perfectly in all conditions.

Adam Fels
Great buy for the money

First off I hit the slopes 50-plus a year as well as coach so know the industry. The good:These are well made, good looking and very well fitting.. no gap and hold the face.
Photocromatic lens do work.
To make these a real 5 star.. like a pair of $200 light sensitive standout would be 1 major upgrade:
Refine and work on the lens itself to make it have less internal glare and internal refraction.
Can’t beat these for the price and these guys are locals so it’s a no brainer.