LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle
LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle
LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle
LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle
LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle
LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle
LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle

LTD Edition Black Adapt Goggle

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The most sought after product we've ever released: an all black, stealth bomber version of our award-winning, industry shifting, never-change-lenses-again one goggle quiver. The Adapt is our most popular model - and for good reason. The Adapt’s photochromic lens technology changes tint as the conditions change, so you’re covered in everything from bluebird to whiteout.


One Lens. All Day.
Our photochromic lens adapts to the current light conditions so you can leave that spare lens at home.
Crystal clear clarity.
Ultra-wide angle, dual-layer PC lens made in Italy.
Full UV Protection.
UV400+ for 100% UV protection because eyes are kind of important.
We’re anti-fog.
UltraClear anti-fog ventilation system circulates air to keep your vision clear.
Ultimate comfort, all day long.
Triple-layer composite foam and fleece interior for a cozy, sweat-free feel.
Built to flex. Built to last.
MaxComfort flexible TPU (sorry for the tech term) frame designed for ultimate comfort and sustainability through durability.
Dialed fit. Yard sale tested.
Detachable and dual-adjustable 3D woven strap with anti-slip silicone ensures your optimal fit is easy to find and keep in place.
Dirt and oils won’t ruin the day.
Hydro-oleophobic lens treatment (read: doesn’t like water or oil) keeps the lens fog, smudge, and debris free.
Fits with your helmet.
You’ll find a perfect fit with ours, but we’ve found these work well with most of the popular helmets out there.
Wait there’s more...
Included microfiber storage bag doubles as a cleaning cloth. It’s like two for one, but actually it's free.


  • Medium/large fit accommodates a wide range of faces.
  • Gaper gap free and built to fit with all modern helmets on the market today.
  • Dimension: 177x100mm

What's in the box

  • Adapt Goggles
  • Glade microfiber storage bag
  • The good feeling of supporting a brand that has you, the skier, in mind.

VLT Range

  • 33-78% for perfect vision in all conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The Kid

Absolutely LOVE these goggles. Super cool looking and very comfortable.

You can't go wrong with these...and your friends will be jealous when they see you wearing these.

Glade makes great goggles and is a great company.

Never change lenses again!

Lenses change color based on sunshine.
Run all day and do not have to switch lenses at night!

WARNING: long and detailed.

Context: I am a new snowboard instructor in the Tahoe area. Have been riding for four seasons. Have tested, mostly for fit, about 10 different goggles from 5 different brands. Also, I tested about three brands for photochromic capabilities.

The transition from a dark lens in bright light to a clear lens in very very low light is unnoticeable. To the rider, the sun - or “outside” light - is most of the time constant. The coldest I have been riding is 15 F. Would be nice to know the operating temperature of the molecules.

To be clear, if you are riding in a high light area and go through tree shadows, the lens does not adjust in 1 second. It takes a little to Adapt. ;) And it does adapt. Every time. Back and forth.

The VLT range is pretty wide - read the details on the goggle to know what VLT is. For darker days, the lens lets in an insane amount of light. I prefer this photochromic lens to the yellow high VLT that comes with the MagFlight - I own it too. I have not used the clear MagFligh lens but this photochromic turns as clear as it gets in the dark. However, I think this goggle is better suited for those days when you do not know if the sun will shine or not. For low light, it is amazing. For 100% clear skies days, the VLT is not low enough. I find myself squinting a little from time to time. In my experience with other photochromic lenses, there is always a catch: the technology to go from 1% to 99% VLT is not here yet. So, you have to chose what you prefer. To be clear, I can ride perfectly in blue bird days with this LTD version of the Adapt. No problem at all. It is when I compare the strain on my eyes with the dark MagFlight lense - VLT 6% - that I “see” the difference and feel low to absent strain in my eyes.

Every other brand I have tested has ranges too. You pick. I picked Glade because of its great fit and great price.

So, for days that I know there is no doubt the sun will shine all day - no clouds at all - I use the MagFlight with silver lens - see my review of the magflight. For days that there is a chance clouds may show up, and all the way to 100% cloudy and snowy, I use the LTD Adapt.

See the pictures. One is a picture of the lens at night. You can clearly see the snow outside through the lens even at night. Another is a selfie riding the chair on a snow day - I never take selfies but this was the only way to get this picture. The last one is during a clear skies moment today on my way to some powdery woods.

Garrett Jimenez
Best goggles I’ve owned!

I bought these ahead of my trip to Austria to ski the alps, and they did not disappoint! They were great in all conditions - heavy storms to bright sunny days. These are now my go-to goggles, and they got tons of compliments on the hill. Pairs great with Pret and Smith helmets.

Don Estabrook
Awesome goggles

I bought these goggles for my wife as a valentine's present paired with the 10mile helmet. She loves them both! The goggles work perfectly for low light conditions or going from bright sun to shade.