Do you offer discounts for first time buyers?
  • Our gear sells out quickly every season, so we do not discount our gear.
Are returns free?
  • All returns are free, no questions asked. We provide the postage for you.

Are your goggles OTG compatible?

  • Our Challenger Goggle is OTG compatible. It is correctly sized and has notches in the foam to accommodate glasses.
How do I swap lenses on the Challenger goggle?
  • Do not to be afraid of breaking the lenses! Our lenses are exceptionally sturdy and are able to withstand a lot of force. You can pop the lens out of the frame by pushing through the inside of the lens. You'll see the notches on the lens and the holes in the frame to guide the placement of the lens.
Which goggle is best for me?
  • Check out our Goggle Finder Tool, a quiz that will find the best options for you based on your preferences and local ski conditions.