Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle
Quad Photochromic Goggle

Quad Photochromic Goggle

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Our newest goggle designed specifically for the 2022 season. Constructed with all of the same features and quality we’ve built our reputation on; the Quad goggle’s toric lens ensures peripheral clarity with minimal distortion. With our photochromic lens technology that quickly adapts to the current light conditions, you’ll know not only what is in front of you, but can take in the beauty all around you. You might even see the wayward skier coming for your knees in the lift line.


One lens. All day.
Our photochromic lens adapts to the current light conditions so you can leave that spare lens at home.
Holy field of vision.
Our toric lenses marry the best characteristics of spherical and cylindrical lenses to give you the best FOV imaginable.
Full UV Protection.
UV400+ for 100% UV protection because eyes are kind of important.
We’re anti-fog.
UltraClear anti-fog ventilation system circulates air to keep your vision clear.
Ultimate comfort, all day long.
Triple-layer composite foam and fleece interior for a cozy, sweat-free feel.
Built to flex. Built to last.
MaxComfort flexible TPU (sorry for the tech term) frame designed for ultimate comfort and sustainability through durability.
Dialed fit. Yard sale tested.
Detachable and dual-adjustable 3D woven strap with anti-slip silicone ensures your optimal fit is easy to find and keep in place.
Dirt and oils won’t ruin the day.
Hydro-oleophobic lens treatment (read: doesn’t like water or oil) keeps the lens fog, smudge, and debris free.
Fits with your helmet.
You’ll find a perfect fit with ours, but we’ve found these work well with most of the popular helmets out there.
Wait there’s more...
The included microfiber storage bag doubles as a cleaning cloth. It’s like two for one, but actually it's free.


  • Medium fit accommodates a wide range of faces.
  • Gaper gap free and built to fit with all modern helmets on the market today.

What's in the box

  • Quad Goggles
  • Glade microfiber storage bag
  • The good feeling of supporting a brand that has you, the skier, in mind.

VLT Range

  • 30-84% for perfect vision in all conditions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Fabulous--both in form and function

I wore these Glade Quad Photochromic Goggles to Big Sky and Killington this year. They really did adjust to changing light condition, did not fog up, and looked really good. I could not be happier with them!

Dawn Fowler

Love them in all conditions!

Paty Grinde
My New Favorite Goggles

I just love these goggles. I’ve had them for about a month now and I have used them in a wide range of conditions. Whether it is overcast or full on blue bird sunny these lenses are perfect for the conditions. I have a smaller face and they fit well. They do seem to be a little bit colder than my previous pair but I can live with that when I only need one lens for all conditions.

Patricia Riley
Glade Quad Goggles

Love them! They work as promised...adjust to the ever-changing light conditions in New England.
My only criticism is they could be a tad smaller (shorter not the width) but I'm not having pressure issues on my sinuses, so all is well.

John Howe
Almost Perfect

The Glade Photochromic goggles performed well but not perfectly in the three types of light I encountered on my recent ski vacation in Summit County, CO. The first two days were cloudy, overcast, with occasional light snow. The Glades did not perform as well as the Smiths which had about 15% VLT. It was a noticeable difference but not enough to prevent a couple of great ski days, given that i ski next to the trees for better contrast. The third day was overcast and partly sunny and the goggles did a decent job going from part sun to shade and out again. The last two days were brilliant sunshine and here the goggles excelled. No issues and great eye protection.

I had a bit of trouble fitting the goggles to my face and helmet. There was a half day of feeling pressure on the left side of my nose until I finally loosened the goggle strap and found the right tension. I feel the goggles are still a bit large for my face but tolerable and comfortable after those early issues. I had no foggy incidents.

All in all, I would rate these goggles superior to my old Smiths in comfort, utility (no stopping for lens change-outs), and value. I think a smaller exterior diameter would be more comfortable but it's still a close call.