Goggle Case

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Protect your investment with this tough, crush-resistant, and ventilated protective case. An internal sleeve safely stores a spare lens. Fits ALL Glade goggles.

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Cheryl Goldstein

Love the googles and case!

Steve Branch


These goggles are wonderful. Had a great opportunity to find out just how well they work. Skiing in some crud bumps, the light suddenly got very flat. As I have known to do occasionally under these conditions, I was a little tentative toward the next unseen terrain. BUT, prior to getting to that bump, suddenly I could see great. The goggles adjusted in that half second, and the flat light was no longer was an issue. As I continued skiing that day, this happened several times and I was so used to expecting the correction, I no longer got tentative at all.

In addition, the goggles accommodate my prescription inserts very easily.

The case that I purchased with these goggles are also very well thought out. Easily put them away wet without worrying about the moisture being an issue. The goggles air out well and dry nicely in the case.

Thank you so much. Really a great product!


John M.
Case and Goggle Present for My Wife

I bought goggles and the case as a present. The case does the job and protects the new goggles. She can keep it in her hydration pack during the day or just leave in her boot bag to know her goggles will always be protected. Great products, great price and will purchase more from GLADE in the future.

Kevin Miller
Great case

I love the goggles but was afraid they’d get scratched up in the ski bag. The case is perfect- protects the goggles, lightweight and does the job.

Rachel Begley
Good as is, could be excellent

The positives: it does what it sets out to do: hold and protect goggles plus additional lenses. We don’t have extra lenses yet, but this will be good when the time comes. It seems tough enough structurally, soft enough inside, and well-made. Time will tell what it can stand up to.

The rest:
It seems big, bigger than it needs to be, and this together with the rigidity means it takes up much more room in your bag or your luggage that you’d think it should. (We have full-size goggles, which didn’t feel crowded.) because it seems to take up so much room, I wasn’t remotely tempted to take this case with me for the day, just for travel getting to and from the resorts we stayed at. Luckily the goggles came with an excellent soft case, so the lenses at least had the protection they needed
Full price of $25 feels like a lot, especially when purchasing other gear at % off.

Improvements: These aren’t essential, but could really add to the user’s experience.
1. The price should be reduced especially when purchasing with goggles, or otherwise reduce the price as much as other gear is reduced at that time.
2. Make it available in more than just light grey. Even though we marked the handle of one of them with colored tape, we still found ourselves reaching for each others goggle case more times than we should. Maybe black, navy blue, light grey and dark grey could be standard colors. You could even have brighter colors, maybe at a premium.
3. Include a slot on the outside and add a name label, or include a name tag, or add somewhere to write your name; and add something on the inside to include name and contact info. Sure, you could add your own labels, but at this price such extras should be an integrated part of the case.

The absence of these “improvements“ aren’t reasons to not buy the case, of course, but such changes would sure make us even happier users.