low light lens

Low Light Challenger Lens

Regular price $45

We like to head out to the mountain with a few different lens options so we're prepared for all conditions.

With our Quicklens™ system you can change lenses on the go as conditions change. All our lenses are anti-fog, anti-scratch, 100% UV protection, and a wide field of view for broader visibility. VLT: 76.5%



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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Michael L
Great product—One quibble

This lens is as good or better than some of the better-known (much more expensive) brands out there.

If only it came with a protective sack to store it when switching out for brighter days…

David Williams

Fit: The goggles fit perfectly and comfortably. Style: Look good and feel good. Vision: Amazing in every condition from full on sun to total cloud cover. Visibility of the snow conditions is perfect in all conditions. My goggles fogged up during lunch when I left them on my head and within three minutes on the lift the goggles cleared back to perfect vision without having to wipe the fog away. Great goggles - my new go to goggles for all days on the hill.

Justin Bingham
Happy with No complaints.

The goggles work well, look nice, and dont seem to be overpriced. I've been very impressed with the quick and helpful responses from customer service.

Brendan H
See the trees

Great low vis lenses, easy enough to swap out. I’ve had the Challengers for over a year and despite taking some branches to the face, still no scratches or signs of wear. Holding up better than my old Smith I/Os

Great lenses!

Love the lenses. Fit great and easy to put on.